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Relationships : All relationships need to be put into perspective. Be it your relationship with your husband, parents, children, friends, co-workers, boss, or even your neighbors. You have to keep a balance within your relationships with others so that you can bee and maintain the best you that you can be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know some relationships are and can be toxic. Some people just have a history of using and abusing you. You may find that someone doesn’t like you and you really don’t have a clue as to why.

And you know what? No matter the relationships you have with others, its okay. Its okay because you’re going to learn how to deal with people better and so that you calmer and at peace when you deal with them.

You will learn your relationship worth and you will be better because you will learn how to respond to others rather than to REACT to others. Its when you react to others that relationships become toxic and aggravating.

You will have a life full of calm. You will have a life full of peace. You will have a life full of joy. You will have a life full of harmony. You will have relationships that benefit you as much as you benefit it.

Love : We all want to be loved. We all want to be important to someone else. We all want companionship. We all want to live someone else. Its human nature.

Self Esteem. Self Love. Self Respect are other Human Nature issues that we must work through in order for love to reach its fullest potential.

Perhaps you have heard of this before. “In order to love someone else, you must first know how to and successfully love yourself.”

This saying is TRUE! There are so many broken people looking for love and looking to receive love, but they aren’t fining it. The reason being is because they are looking for someone to give them something that then need to give and have for themselves. To expect someone to give you something that you can’t or aren’t giving yourself is selfish and ignorant at the same time. What do you expect the other person to do when they discover that you don’t even find yourself worthy enough to give it to yourself, but you are willing to give it to them?

THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION AND YOU! That’s what they are going to do when they find such out.

So if your looking for someone else to make you happy, to bring you jow, and love, BUT you yourself aren’t feeling happiness, joy and love from within you and for you, you are going to end up feeling battered, bitter and even more broken than when you started you relationship with that other person.

AND… This is unfortunately only one aspect of deficient love. There are all kinds and types of love situations that we women find ourselves in because there are many more forms of deficient and dysfunctional love out there.

We are going to try to cover them all in order to assist one another with recovering from these type of ‘Love’ situations and circumstances.

The goal is to ensure that you understand Your Love Worth. We want you to be happy, whole, joyful, full of peace, full of life.

BUT, it all begins within and with YOU!

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