Oprah Archives : Clarity and the Law of Attraction

Most people have areas of their lives they don’t like, be it their jobs, love lives or pants sizes, Michael says. People can often articulate very clearly the things they don’t like or want, but Michael says often they can’t articulate with the same clarity what they do want. Michael talks about how to achieve clear goals and use the law of attraction to make your dreams a reality.

If you are someone who only knows what they don’t want in life, Michael says you shouldn’t feel defeated. “Knowing what you don’t want is important—as a matter of fact, knowing what you don’t want is essential to help you understand what you do want,” he says. Write down a list of what you don’t want in life, and for each item, think of a something that you do want, Michael says. “Start noticing what you don’t want and get clear about what you do want,” he says. “That clarity sends out a nice positive vibration, and that is what the law of attraction is responding to.”

Soon, Michael says your list of what you want will become very clear and will be the focal point of your conversations with others. “The obedient law of attraction is eavesdropping on the vibes we are sending,” he says. “As we talk about the things we do want, we will get more of it.”

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