Law of Attraction : How to Rid and Doubt

By remaining fearful with worry and doubt about your life, you are connected to those feelings. Until you learn to change those feelings, your life will never change. Positive things will come into your life as soon as you start feeling positive about your life. It’s no easy task, but what do you have to lose! Here are some steps that may help.

Step 1:
Recognize your current situation. Maybe you don’t have any money or you can’t pay your bills. Get in touch with your current situation and recognize it for what it is. You don’t have to be happy about it.

Step 2:
Acknowledge your current situation. You have to ask yourself who is creating this situation. The answer none of us want to hear is that we are in charge of creating our own life. The next thing you have to ask yourself is why are you creating this? You need to dig way down deep into your beliefs. Were you taught by your parents that money doesn’t grow on trees or if you don’t have the right education you will never have enough money, whatever your beliefs are about money. You need to correct the situation of what your current reality is before you can create a new one for yourself.

Step 3:
Forgive yourself or whoever you need to forgive. Maybe you blame someone in particular for creating your beliefs. It’s time to forgive so you can move on.

Step 4:
Now it’s time to change. You need to step into the energetic field of already experiencing abundance. This is very difficult to do but let me share with you an easier way to experience this feeling.

Let’s say you play the lottery and one evening you are watching television and they read the numbers from the lottery ticket you purchased. You just won $100 million dollars. How would that make you feel? Excited, jumping for joy, screaming with excitement, deliriously happy? This is the state you need to put yourself in as if you already won. It’s the emotions that the Universe connects to, not just the saying words of affirmations. You have to feel being in that state.

If you remain fearful that you will attract bad things into your life or remain in a state of lack, then that’s how your life will continue. You have to change the way you think about things in order to bring more into your life. You have to recognize what you are feeling and release those old feelings. This is the only way you can free yourself of your limiting beliefs. Once you can do that, your life will turn around for the better. You just have to trust yourself.

So what’s it going to be? Stay in a state of worry and doubt or move into a state of abundance and fulfillment? The choice is in your hands. You truly can create your own life.

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