7 Steps to Happiness

#1: The Habit of Gratitude

When you feel good, you maintain a state of joy. From the simple act of being grateful, joyful, and feeling GOOD, you bring about positive change thus attracting the things you desire the most into your life.

Hence, your gratitude acts as a conduit to everything positive and desired.

#2: Define What YOU Want!

You will never achieve your goals if you are unable to clearly see what you want. NewsFlash!!! As easy as this may sound, it is often extremely difficult to do because quite simply, you have gotten so used to NOT having things go in your favor.

You need to focus on the heart of what is most important to YOU (not your boss, your spouse, or your best friend, your mother or your father!)

You need to take some time out and be at peace with yourself to understand just what is important to you. You need some ‘Reconnect With Myself’ time. My reconnecting with yourself, you will be able to push out all of the noise that is around you, thus allowing you to focus on what is important to YOU! You will relearn what is important to you. What makes you tick. You will discover what you really think you are wasting your time on, thus allowing you to focus on what you want and what you SHOULD be focusing on.

Taking some ‘Reconnect With Yourself’ time is going to be a shocker to you. I believe you will shocked to discover about your true heart’s desire is and what or who you are wasting your time on.

#3: Where Is My Stuff?

Simply Put… “STUFF” happens. Sometimes its the same “STUFF” different day, but the fact is that STUFF happens. And when it does, doubt and despair often raise their ugly heads.

To meet your goals and attract what you want into your life, you must replace the doubt with a State of Allowing. You must ALLOW all the good things you want to come into your life.

So what is doubt and how do we push it out of our thought pattern and out of our realm of thinking and existence?

o begin with you have to understand what doubt is.

Doubt is really a lack of belief. A lack of trust that you will receive the things you ask for. But this is really not good enough because you would then be faced with the same problem. That is, how do you remove a lack of something without manifesting more lack.

Doubt is the presence of some belief that is contradictory to what it is you desire, and doubt is our way of letting us know that there is something that doesn’t match our beliefs, to our desires.

> “I never get the breaks… ”
> “I know they wont offer it to me… ”
> “I don’t want to work that hard… ”
> “I don’t believe that I could earn that sort of money… ”
> “I’m not that bright… ”

If you now think about an affirmation to remove a contradictory belief, something like, “I am so happy that I am the best candidate for this job,” it all becomes much more comfortable, because you are now affirming a belief to yourself which aligns to your desires.

In essence, doubt affirms the presence of a limiting belief, what I call the Law of Attraction Blockers, and these blocks can easily be removed.

#4: Thoughts Become Things

Once you realize the importance and truth of this, it will change everything for you. This one step alone can be the turning point when you realize how consistently you may be sabotaging yourself each day.

Your thoughts are the MOST important step in manifesting your best life. This step is all about getting you to realize that you are in control of your victory. Its all about the “garbage in—garbage out” cycle of negative thinking and expectation.

When you take control over your thoughts, you take control over your life. You are no longer dealing with things, but you are creating the things and situations that YOU bring about and into your life because YOU understand that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!

#5: What’s Holding You Back?

The most common reason for failing to meet your goals (until now!) is this: a mental block or limiting belief.

These can be deep and undetected because they often spring from our childhood years before the age of six. In other words, these are beliefs that are longstanding and buried deeply in our psyches.

Well guess what? We’re going to set FIRE to those limiting thoughts once and for all, so you can realize your full potential. It’s freeing, it’s powerful, and it works.

This step is all about recognizing things, people and situations in your life for what they are. You are going to have to take each thing on face to face for the last time.

Whatever it is you believe is holding you back, write them down. Each day you are to tackle each one of these things or people for who and what they are. Take an hour or two to do this.

Why have you allowed this person or thing to hold you back? Is it or was it something in your control? Is this person or thing really worthy of holding you back from obtaining your dreams or realizing your full potential?

Think about how much happier it would be to step over this issue/person rather than keep sweeping them under the rug.

If you need to forgive yourself for your actions, DO IT! If you need to forgive yourself for something you have said, DO IT!

If someone has done or said some mean things to you, resolve these words and or actions within your own mind. Are you what or who they claim you are? No matter what they have done to you, aren’t you better than that? That person did or said what they did to you because they aren’t happy within themselves.

Hurt people hurt people. So you can either allow them or the situation to win or you can think about it for what it is, and then dispose of it in the right way by placing it in the trash for pickup.

The sooner you set whatever it is out by the curb for pickup, the sooner you stop storing it up in your mind, body and heart for free.

Get your trash days lined up and take undesired items to the curb. You deserve more and better than what you are receiving!

#6: Are You Prepared To Pay The Price?

Do you REALLY want to achieve your goals or is it just a twisted mantra you repeat year after year?

There’s almost always something that must be given before you can receive. In other words, there’s a price to be paid.

There is Good News though. The price that needs to be paid doesn’t have to be gut wrenching or painful!

If life, there are dues that have to be paid. Sometimes we pay dues with time and the type of time paid varies. Sometimes we pay dues via money be it charity, products or services or whatever.

The fact to the matter is that nothing comes easy. You are going to have to be willing to put in the work to get out of life what you want.

#7: Believe You Can Do It!

Because you CAN! Dale Carnegie said, “… fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.” Think about it and you will soon see the truth of this statement. There are no “green meanies” living in your closet or lying in wait to pounce on you.

It’s truly a head game you play that keeps you on the losing side of the equation.

It’s about time for a change, wouldn’t you agree?

This step is all about you discovering how to develop the habit of belief—and finally eliminate fearful thinking and anxiety that may be running your life—and keep YOU running away from personal success.

No matter how doubtful or skeptical you may be right now, you can replace these thoughts with a firestorm of positive energy that will break down any barrier.

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