News Flash : Happy Thoughts Make You Healthy!

If you think that being healthy makes you happy, you have it all wrong. Being a happy person makes you healthy.

How is this possible you ask? Well, think about it. Worrying, doubt, fret, complaining, and throwing pity parties will only bring you more of what you don’t what.

How does worrying, doubting and complaining make me unhealthy?

Easy. What you focus on is what you will attract to you. The more you worry, the more the universe is going to bring you things to worry about. The more you doubt, the more the universe will to you for you to doubt about.

If you’re worried about and doubting your health, the Universe has no choice, but to make it so that your health condition/status is one for you to worry and doubt about.


Instead, do the following:

Focus on what makes you happy!
Focus on what brings you joy!
Focus on how good it feels to be healthy!
Focus on the things you want to do once your body catches up to your emotional state of being happy!
Focus on laughing!
Focus on having good times!
Focus on the fact that your best days have yet to come!

Another way of putting it… Feeling stressed brings on more mess. When you’re stressed out, you’re not thinking straight. You’re only focused on the negative. You can’t see past your nose as it pertains to whatever is occupying your thoughts.

Feeling stressed is not the key to getting what you want. If it was, you probably would already have what you want already! Smiles…

That’s why I’m SO passionate about helping you to understand that you should choose happiness for your life. Being happy melts away your stress. You begin to deliberately attract what you want in life because your focused on being happy and sharing your happiness with others.

Happy people live longer lives. Happy people are healthier because they focus on being at their best and optimum performance state. They attract more happiness to them because that’s what they put out.

Let’s be honest. I mean REALLY HONEST! When you’re happy, NO ONE ON EARTH can stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do because you’re riding off of the High Of Happiness! And as a DIRECT result, your body doesn’t know anything else but to be healthy because negativity, stress, doubt and so on aren’t a part of your daily fabric. << THAT'S HOW YOUR HEALTH BENEFITS!!!

Less worry, stress, doubt, pity parties, crying and complaining leads you to being a more happier person. When you live a happy life, everything around you begins to swing on the upbeat.


So the question is, how do I stay happy and positive when everything around me crashing down?
I try to stay positive and happy through out the day, but its so hard. Do you have any tips?
What’s the best way for me to get happy? Honestly, I being happy is a foreign concept to me.


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