Changing Your Health Begins With Your Thoughts

Scenario #1

It’s 6am in the morning. Your body’s a little sluggish. Your throat is a little sore. And what do you know, the mother of all symptoms, your nose is topped up or running.

Its easy and clear to you, you’re coming down with a cold.

Scenario #2

You’ve been diagnosed with a disease. In a moments notice, you’re life has been turned upside down and all around. You’re doctors has all kinds of plans on how s/he is going to get you better, however, all you can think about is the name of the illness and how you’re going to deal with it.

Scenario #3

You’re the best Wii bowler on the block and to date, no one has beaten your high score (heck, truth be told, you can’t even beat your high score). Then it happened, you and 3 other friends are having a bowling-pa-looza. Its your turn and you’re too hot to stop.

You go in for the strike, and then the next thing you know, you’re laying on the floor on your side. One legs in front of you, the other is somewhere under you. You’re in pain.

You get back from the doctor’s office. You’ve broken your ankle. You’re in pain and your broken ankle is going to make working harder because you work on your feet all day; sometimes 10 to 13 hours a day.

No matter the scenario, the amount of pain or discomfort, how old you are or whatever other factors you want to throw into the air, the fact to the matter is that those who think negative thoughts about the health condition will reap negative from their thinking just as those who think positive will benefit positively.

Hence, the FIRST step to Changing Your Health Condition Begins With Your Thoughts.

Whether you’ve just received unpleasant word from your physician or you self diagnosed yourself, you need to keep your mind in the POSITIVE ZONE!

Though your body isn’t at its optimum performance rate, you need to keep positive about your body getting back to that status and that you will get there sooner than later.

No Pity Parties are allowed.

Both The Bible & The Law Of Attraction tells you to focus on the good of things. Though you may not feel well, the worst has already occurred. The only way to go from here on out is up.

You are feeling better (even if you aren’t).
You are getting better (even if the reports say you aren’t)
You will come out of this health situation with a better understanding of how powerful the human body is. STARTING WITH THE HUMAN BRAIN!

You will come out of this health situation realizing that you are a stronger person than you thought.
You will come out of this health situation with a better understanding of knowing how the human body works and what you need to do to maintain your optimum performance level.

Though you have come down with something, what you have come down with hasn’t taken your CHAMPION SPIRIT away from you.

You are getting better every moment of the day.

These are the kinds of things you must think about yourself. These are the kinds of things you must focus on instead of your current health situation.

I know. I know. Some health conditions or situations are more obvious than others. HOWEVER, the fact to the matter is, there are somethings you can do and there are things that you can’t. You can’t reach into your body and pull out diseases, however, you’re believe that you are getting better and that God in heaven wants you better and stronger can beat out any disease that has EVER been created.

It is easier for disease to grow and conquer where there is dispair. People who take on the attitude and thoughts of defeat, they lack the desire to get out of their own way so their situation can get better. They don’t behave in a way that is in their best interest. They basically aid whatever’s beating them up by giving it a place to reside.

On the other hand, fighters keep moving. Their actions are a reflection of their thoughts. They think nothing, but the best about themselves, their situations and the outcome. They don’t allow dispair a chance to land at their airport. They are what they say they are, HEALTHY, and their body has no choice but to get inline with their thoughts and actions.

Sure, it may take time for things to come around to the positive side of things, however, thinking, acting and remaining positive about your health condition sure beats not having something to look forward. It sure beats allowing whatever it is to have a strong hold on your body, soul, spirit and mind.

Anything in life takes time. Somethings take more time than others. So what’s the excuse for not being positive about your health situation and outcome? Heck, more importantly, what’s the alternative? Besides, positive people attract more positive things into their lives; when you smile, the whole world smiles back at you.

So, put on your smile. Dust off your positive attitude and thoughts. And get to professing things the way you want them to turn out rather than how they currently are.

Think Positive. Speak Positive. Be Positive!

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