Part 3 : How To Build Confidence

Let’s do some more thinking.

No one lacks confidence for no absolute reason at all. Something happened to us in our past to affect how we think about ourself and how we present ourself to others.

Make a list of beliefs that you feel are holding you back from having the confidence you desire.

NOW, make a list of beliefs that you would ratheer have about yourself and situation. These beliefs should be those that empower you to bring more confidence into your life. Make a X through the limiting beliefs and write these empowering beliefs in their place.

Allow your imagination to flow freely. What would it be like if you were to be that perfectly confident person you desire to be?

How much different would your life be if you be and do what you wish you could do but for your lack of confidence?

Write down all of the things you saw yourself doing just a few moments ago. Keep This List With You! Look at it from time to time. Go through the Confidence Steps before and after you look at your list.

Commit this list to memory!

From now on, you must not just invision yourself doing these things with your eyse clothes, you must take the steps to make these things a reality for you.

You must commit yourself to WALKING THE WALK of confidence. From now on, even if it feels out of character for you, you MUST behave like the person you invisioned. You must talk like that person you’ve invisioned.

If you have to take baby steps in terms of acting like the confidence person you want to be, take your baby steps by all means, but commit yourself to taking those steps.


Never say anything negative about yourself, be outloud or to yourself!

You are YOUR own advocate! You are YOUR #1 SUPPORTER! You are capable of being the best you that you have ever known!

You are to NOT say anything negative because after a period of time, you will believe it. Not only will you believe it, but the Universe will believe it. And if the Universe believes it, it will only bring more circumstances in your life that will re-enforce your negative beliefs that you have for yourself.

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