Part 1 : How To Build Confidence

The first step to developing self-confidence is to come to grips/terms with who you are. You must develop a sense of self-awareness. You must take the time to know yourself. Acknowledge just what you wish you could change about yourself. You must also understand what has stopped to from feeling confident in your life.

So here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to apply these actions to your life…

- Declare right here and now that you INTEND to be confident from here on out. Then make the commitment to yourself that you’re going to do and be just that. CONFIDENT.

- In order to improve yourself, you have to CHANGE YOUR THINKING. No more are you to think that you’re not good enough to do or be whatever it is you’ve been holding yourself back from. You have to start thinking more positive about yourself and your situation.

Your thinking is what has broken you. Now we need to break your negative thinking so you can free yourself. Thus, FREE up your confidence.

- We all have the ability to imagine. So start using yours. Use your imagination to see yourself as a more confident person. Use your imagination to see yourself as the person you would like to be. Doing the things you would like to do. And go places you would like to go.

- Lastly, but most definately not leastly, ACT as though you are already confident. The more you act, speak and believe you’re confident, the more easily it will be for your body and mind to get used to acting, thinking and BEING confident.

All of these parts are essential to you building your confidence and having a better confidence and self image.

How often should you perform these steps? At least once a day!

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