Law of Attraction : Is there any scientific proof that it exists?

Yes. The field of scientific study where there has been the most amount of research related to The Law of Attraction has been Quantum Physics. These scientists claim that everything in the Universe, including ourselves, is made of vibrating energy. Therefore, nothing is solid of fixed. They also content that our minds are so powerful that they actually influence the energy within us, changing events, physical objects, and even traveling through the time in order to do so, Therefore, we are able to create our Universe as we go along.

Note: I am sure you have heard of recent reports within the past few years how doctors of cancer patients and other disease ridden patients are encouraging their patients to recite and utilize Postive Affirmations in their daily lifes? Doctors have also opened up their practice to allowing for prayer and positive interaction time with thier patients where they focus on nothing by the word or forcasting postive signs and a positive future ahead of their patients.

Never dwelling on the negative. Keeping things positive.

Hence, there are bioligist who claim that all of the cells in our bodies are directly affected by our consciousness. Thus, we have the power to heal ourselves by using our thoughts. By repeating positive affirmations, visioning ourselves in a more positive light and so on.

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