Law of Attraction : What is this power?

There is nothing new about the Law of Attraction. If you attended bible study as a child, I am sure you were introduced to The Law of Attraction by your Sunday School teacher or even by your grand parents or your own parents.

The Law of Attraction is based on spiritual concepts. Just as the bible tells us to guard our ears from gossip, our eyes from this or that and to guard our mouths from forming certain words and or phrases, The Law of Attraction works the same way.

Note : The bible tells us to guard our eyes, ears and mouths because what we see, hear or say, we internalize. We begin to believe it. It becomes a part of our core. Hence, if you don’t believe in something, don’t watch it, listen to it or utter it because after all, your thoughts become things. Postive or negative.

Thus, The Law of Attraction has been known by different names by various different cultures and schools of thought around the world. Here in the West, self-help practitioners have come to call it ‘The Power of The Universe.’ Also, various Western scientists have described it as the ‘Divine Matrix’ or ‘Divine Intelligence.’ However, you will most likely than not be more familiar with the traditional names, such as “Life Force’ or ‘God.’

In the East, spiritual teachers in India refer to our life force as Prana, while the chinese cal it Qi (pronounced Chi), and in Japan it is known as Ki. In India there are religious and spiritual groups who have practiced wielding this force continually since before the birth of Jesus Christ. Some Westerners who have journeyed to India in order to seek spirtual enlightenment claim to have witnessed gurus demonstrate mastery of the Law of Attraction, even to the point of suspending the physical laws of nature.

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