Law of Attraction : How does it work?

When you successfully harness The Law of Attraction, you are tapping directly into a Universal force that exists everywhere for everyone. You tap into it by simply changing the way you think, emotionally feel about that particular object and by how you carry yourself.

Overall, one’s emotional state is the key to tapping into the Law of Attraction. You must emotionally connect with the object or set of circumstances you are trying to attract into your life. These emotions coupled with your thoughts, gratifude for what you have and your ability to ALLOW the Law of Attraction to work on your behalf draws your object of desire to you. However, the KEY is to make sure that you maintain a high emotional state; one that the Universe recognizes as ‘This is something that she REALLY want in her life.

Another way to identify this emotional state is through the power of vibration. Everything in this world we live in has a vibe. Hence, thoughts and feelings have a vibration and as you develop your awareness of your own thoughts, you will become better at identifying these vibrations; both within you and others.

We all have some basic level of vibrational awareness, even with those of you who are new on this path of understanding the Law of Attraction.


Have you ever met someone and walked away from meetin them thinking, “I really like his or her vibe?’ Also, I am sure there were times where you were a little purplexed. You didn’t quite know what to make out of the vibe that you received from a person.

There are various techniques that will help you harness The Law of Attraction. There are also various practitioners who have been able to manifest great abundance into both their own lives and the lives of others.

In future posts, I will discuss these other techniques and introduce you to these various practitioners and other resources (it is my intent to share with you as many free resources as I can possibly find. The Law of Attraction doesn’t belong to anyone one person, thus how or why people are making a killing off of charging for their level of understanding is beyond me).

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