Law of Attraction : What Can I Attract?

The Law of Attraction is the Universal law by which whatever you focus your attention on, it manifests in your life whether you want it to or not.  Hence, The Law of Attraction affects everything in your life:

Finances | Love Life | Work & Career | Your Interaction with Family Members | Your Mental & Physical Health | The Car You Drive | The Clothes You Wear | and so on…

From where you live to the lifestyle you have, your thoughts have shaped your present, thus, your present thoughts directly affect your future lifestyle and how you live.

So again, you need to be mindful of what you think, say, thus, focus on because you will end up attracting that to you.

You have a report due tomorrow before the close of business and your really having a hard time getting it done.
Well, instead of harping on not being able to gather everything for it and how you are going to running around like a chicken with its head cut off tomorrow, focus on how well you are going to do at getting the report done.

Start professing positive thoughts about the process and outcome of the report you have due tomorrow.

Come up with some affirmations to help you get through the day.

Everytime you feel a negative or not so positive thought or vibe coming on, think of something that makes you happy. Then come up with a positive spin on that negative thought or vibe.

I can get this done.
I have everything within me to get this job done.
I am going to get this done, correctly, efficently and on time.

Use this process with any situation you find yourself in where negativity is just itching to rear its uninvited head.

Now on to the question of what you can DELIBERATELY attract to you…

The answer to this simple.  Anything. If your health isn’t exactly where you would like for it to be, you can focus your thoughts and create a vibe that’s centered on improving your health.

If your work environment is one that could stand a little/lot more civility, you can focus your thoughts and vibe on producing a more civil environment where working there is a joy rather than curse.

How about a better love life. Perhaps you and your mate are in a state where the flicker of the flame isn’t as bright or as strong as it used to be.  You can use The Law of Attraction to help you with gaining back what you used to have in your relationship.

NOTE: Now, unlike some people, I am not going to focus on money here because from my experiences with The Law of Attraction, I’ve had success in just about every area that I’ve focused on except for financial wealth (Just being honest). Hence, I am and can honestly only speak to you about that which I know.

Also, I’m not a ‘Pie In The Sky’ type of person. It would be very irresponsible for me to speak on something as if it were so when in fact I have no clue as to if it were so. I mean, there are plenty of people out there who are claiming such, however, as of today, I am not one of them, hence, I can only speak on what I know.

However, to sum the question up… You can attract both the things you want and don’t want to you.

Doubt has a part to play in this if you allow it to.  My suggestion to you is to come up with affirmations to help you get past doubt.

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