Oprah Archives : Trusting the Law of Attraction

It’s the beginning of a journey toward getting what you want in life! New Oprah Radio host Michael Losier is offering his expertise in the law of attraction to help you learn how to get what you desire. Michael says the law of attraction—the principle that “like attracts like”—is also a process of knowing what you want and using positive energy to create vibrations that signal your desires to other people and the universe.

The process is not instantaneous—instead, Michael says you must trust and know that good things will come once you implement the law of attraction. “Be in the spirit of trusting and be in the spirit of allowing and be in the sprit of just letting it be … knowing that it is unfolding and orchestrating for you right now,” he says. “The law of attraction will unfold and will bring things to you that you are in vibrational alignment with.”

Michael also takes calls from people who say the law of attraction is working in their lives and offers advice to those who say they feel stuck in the process.

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